The Costa Coffee menu offers a variety of delicious options, but it’s important to be mindful of the calorie content when making choices. Understanding the  Costa Calories Menu items allows customers to make informed decisions that align with their dietary goals and preferences. By knowing the calorie content of the items they consume, customers can better manage their calorie intake, whether they aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle, adhere to dietary restrictions, or make more mindful selections.

Moreover, calorie information underscores Costa Coffee’s commitment to transparency and customer well-being. It demonstrates their dedication to offering not just delicious, but also responsible options. This transparency fosters trust between Costa Coffee and its customers, as they can rely on the company to provide honest and accurate nutritional data.

Furthermore, displaying calorie information aligns Costa Coffee with evolving food regulations and consumer expectations. Many countries have implemented laws requiring the disclosure of calorie counts on menus, responding to the growing demand for nutritional transparency. By embracing these regulations, Costa Coffee positions itself as a responsible and law-abiding player in the food and beverage industry.

Costa Calories Menu UK

Popular items Serving Size Calories
Latte - Skimmed Milk - Medium 1 portion (364ml) 109 kcal
British Ham & Cheese Toastie 1 portion (147g) 354 kcal
Latte - Semi-Skimmed Milk - Small - Take Away 1 portion (276ml) 111 kcal
Cappuccino - Whole Milk - Medium 1 portion (362ml) 210 kcal
Hot Chocolate - Semi-Skimmed Milk - Medium - in Store 1 portion (355ml) 285 kcal
Flat White - Skimmed Milk - Small 1 portion (300ml) 98 kcal
Cappuccino - Skimmed Milk - Medium 1 portion (362ml) 115 kcal
Cappuccino - Whole Milk - Small 1 portion (287ml) 168 kcal
Latte - Skimmed Milk - Large - in Store 1 portion (472ml) 143 kcal
Latte - Oat Drink - Medium 1 portion (364ml) 164 kcal
Latte - Semi-Skimmed Milk - Large - in Store 1 portion (472ml) 198 kcal
Cappuccino - Skimmed Milk - Small 1 portion (287ml) 92 kcal
Mozzarella & Tomato Panini 1 portion (195g) 525 kcal
Americano - Medium 1 portion (340ml) 18 kcal
Wiltshire Ham & Mature Cheddar Toastie 1 portion (172g) 434 kcal
Latte - Whole Milk - Medium 1 portion (364ml) 212 kcal
Chocolate Cornflake Cake 1 portion (50g) 241 kcal
Flat White - Whole Milk - Small 1 portion (300ml) 189 kcal
Latte - Coconut Drink - Medium 1 portion (364ml) 145 kcal
Hot Chocolate - Skimmed Milk - Small - Take Away 1 portion (297ml) 182 kcal

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Costa Calories

Food Calories at Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee’s food menu offers a diverse range of options to cater to various dietary preferences and requirements:


  1. Croissants: Costa Coffee’s breakfast menu offers a delectable range of croissants, from classic buttery options to filled varieties, all with varying calorie counts. These flaky pastries typically range from around 180 to 350 calories, depending on the ingredients and fillings.
  2. Sandwiches: Costa’s breakfast sandwiches include a variety of options, such as egg and cheese or bacon and sausage. Calorie counts for these breakfast sandwiches usually range from 250 to 500 calories, offering a satisfying and substantial morning meal.
  3. Breakfast Wraps: These wraps are a flavorful breakfast alternative, often featuring combinations of eggs, cheese, vegetables, and proteins. Calorie counts vary but typically fall within the range of 300 to 500 calories.


  1. Cookies: Costa Coffee’s cookie selection comprises various flavors, and the calorie content generally ranges from 150 to 300 calories per cookie, depending on size and ingredients.
  2. Brownies: Costa’s brownies are a sweet indulgence, with calorie counts typically ranging from 250 to 400 calories, depending on size and flavor.
  3. Muffins: Costa’s muffin lineup includes a variety of flavors, and calorie counts can vary significantly. On average, muffins may contain 300 to 500 calories.
  4. Granola Bars: These are a popular, healthier snack choice. The calorie content for granola bars usually falls between 150 and 300 calories.

Paninis and Toasties: Costa Coffee’s savory paninis and toasties provide a filling option for lunch or a hearty snack. Calorie counts typically range from 350 to 600 calories, depending on ingredients and size.

Salads: Costa Coffee offers a selection of salads with fresh ingredients. Calorie counts for these salads generally range from 250 to 600 calories, depending on the type of salad and any added dressings.

Soups: Soups are often a lower-calorie option for a light meal. Costa Coffee’s soups usually contain 150 to 300 calories per serving.


  1. Cakes: Costa’s cake selection offers a variety of flavors, with calorie counts ranging from 250 to 500 calories per slice, depending on the type and size of the cake.
  2. Tarts: Tarts are a delicious dessert choice, typically containing 300 to 500 calories per serving.
  3. Slices: Costa Coffee’s dessert slices can range from 250 to 400 calories per serving, depending on the type of slice and portion size.

Gluten-Free and Vegan Options: Costa Coffee is committed to providing dietary alternatives, including gluten-free and vegan options. Calorie information for these items varies, but the focus is on accommodating specific dietary needs while maintaining great taste.

Kids’ Menu: The kids’ menu at Costa Coffee offers child-friendly options with smaller portion sizes. Calorie counts for kids’ menu items are typically designed to suit the dietary needs of younger customers, making it easier for parents to make informed choices for their children.

By providing calorie information for each category, customers can make informed choices that align with their nutritional goals and preferences, whether they’re looking for a hearty breakfast, a snack, or a sweet treat.

Calorie Information for Signature Drinks

Drink Calories (Medium)
Flat White 115
Latte 109
Cappuccino 115
Americano 23
Macchiato 55
Cortado 80
Iced Flat White 120
Iced Latte 112
Iced Cappuccino 120

As demonstrated in the table, the calorie content of Costa Coffee’s signature drinks can vary according to the type of beverage and the size chosen. For instance, a medium Flat White contains 115 calories, while a medium Iced Flat White has 120 calories.

For those mindful of their calorie intake, there are strategies to select lower-calorie options. You can also request skimmed milk or a dairy alternative to reduce the calorie content. Additionally, it’s wise to forgo syrups and toppings, and opt for black coffee or an Americano. Sharing your drink with a friend is another way to enjoy your Costa Coffee without exceeding your calorie limit.

By adhering to these suggestions, you can relish your preferred Costa Coffee drinks without overindulging in calories.