Costa Coffee has established itself as one of the most popular and beloved coffee shop chains in the United Kingdom. One of the highlights of Costa Coffee Menu is their extensive range of specialty drinks. These unique creations showcase the brand’s creativity and dedication to offering innovative and delicious beverages. With a rich and storied history dating back to its founding in 1971 by the Costa brothers, Sergio and Bruno, the brand has flourished over the years. What sets Costa Coffee apart and contributes to its immense popularity is its unwavering commitment to quality and the overall customer experience. Costa Coffee has perfected the art of delivering exceptional coffee, using their own special blend of beans and meticulous brewing methods. This dedication to excellence has earned them a loyal following of coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the rich flavors and consistent taste of their beverages.

The presence of Costa Coffee outlets can be found in various corners of the UK, from bustling cities to quaint towns and even convenient locations like shopping centers and motorway service stations. This widespread availability has made it convenient for customers to enjoy their favorite Costa Coffee beverages wherever they may be. The brand’s popularity is evident in the ever-present queues and the bustling atmosphere within their stores, filled with people seeking their daily caffeine fix or simply looking to indulge in the comforting ambiance that Costa Coffee provides.


Costa Coffee Menu Prices UK

Coffee Prices Calories
Latte £4.30 249 cal
Cappuccino £4.30 265 cal
Flat White £4.05 222 cal
Flat Black £4.05 12 cal
Americano £3.75 12 cal
Mocha £4.50 367 cal
Cortado £3.65 132 cal
Caramel Cortado £3.75 140 cal
Mocha Cortado £3.90 196 cal
Espresso £1.95 6 cal

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Costa Coffee Menu

Costa Coffee Menu Categories

costa coffee

Costa offers a diverse costa coffee menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The menu is organized into different categories, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

First and foremost, Costa Coffee’s hot beverages category takes center stage. This includes a variety of coffee options, from the bold and intense Espresso to the smooth and creamy Latte. Whether you prefer a strong Americano or a frothy Cappuccino, Costa Coffee has you covered. Hot chocolate lovers can indulge in the rich and comforting Classic Hot Chocolate or opt for the decadent White Hot Chocolate for a delightful twist. Tea enthusiasts can choose from popular options like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, or Green Tea, while herbal tea lovers can explore an array of caffeine-free herbal infusions.

Another highlight of the Costa Coffee menu is their specialty drinks category. Here, customers can discover unique and inventive creations that showcase the brand’s creativity and expertise. The Flat White, with its velvety texture and balanced espresso-to-milk ratio, is a popular choice. The Mocha, blending the richness of chocolate with the boldness of coffee, is a delightful treat. For those seeking a bolder flavor, the Macchiato provides a perfect balance of espresso and milk. Other specialty drinks like Cortado and Affogato offer distinctive taste experiences that are sure to please.

Costa Coffee also caters to seasonal preferences with their range of seasonal hot beverages. During specific times of the year, customers can enjoy limited-time offerings that capture the essence of the season. From festive spiced drinks during the holiday season to specialty flavored lattes in autumn, these seasonal beverages add an exciting touch to the menu and allow customers to indulge in the flavors of the moment.

With its well-curated menu, Costa Coffee ensures that customers have a plethora of choices when it comes to hot beverages. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado, a tea lover, or someone seeking a unique and seasonal drink, Costa Coffee’s menu has something to satisfy your cravings and enhance your coffee shop experience.

Additionally, Costa Coffee menu offers a range of iced beverages that provide a refreshing alternative for those looking to cool down. Their iced coffees, such as Iced Latte and Iced Americano, provide a chilled and invigorating coffee experience. Iced teas, including black tea, green tea, and flavored varieties, offer a thirst-quenching option with a hint of sweetness. For chocolate lovers, Iced Chocolate is a delectable choice, while the selection of iced specialty drinks adds a touch of indulgence to the menu.

Coffee Offerings at Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee, a name renowned for its commitment to exceptional coffee experiences, offers a diverse array of coffee choices that cater to a wide spectrum of preferences. Here’s a closer look at the various coffee offerings that make Costa Coffee a beloved destination for coffee enthusiasts:

 Espresso-Based Beverages:

  • Costa Coffee takes pride in crafting exquisite espresso-based drinks that form the foundation of their menu. These include timeless classics like:
    1. Espresso: A pure, concentrated shot of coffee excellence, capturing the essence of Costa Coffee’s commitment to quality.
    2. Americano: A harmonious blend of espresso and hot water, creating a smooth, mellow cup of coffee.
    3. Cappuccino: A delightful trifecta of espresso, steamed milk, and a velvety milk foam crown.
    4. Latte: Espresso’s rich and creamy counterpart, where the coffee harmonizes with a generous amount of steamed milk.
    5. Mocha: A luscious fusion of espresso, steamed milk, and cocoa, producing a beverage that is equal parts coffee and indulgence.

 Classic Coffees:

  • For those who appreciate the simplicity of a classic cup of coffee, Costa Coffee offers an array of traditional options:
    1. Black Filter Coffee: A pure and unadulterated coffee experience that’s as straightforward as it is satisfying.
    2. Flat White: A beloved Australian creation, combining espresso with velvety steamed milk.
    3. Cortado: A small but robust coffee that combines espresso with a dash of warm milk.

 Specialty Drinks:

  • Costa Coffee’s innovative spirit shines through in their specialty drinks, offering unique and memorable flavor profiles. Some noteworthy selections include:
    1. Vanilla Latte: A comforting latte infused with the sweetness of vanilla.
    2. Caramel Macchiato: A caramel-infused masterpiece with layers of espresso, milk, and frothy foam.
    3. Cinnamon Spiced Cappuccino: A delightful seasonal variation of the classic cappuccino, sprinkled with warm cinnamon notes.

 Seasonal and Limited-Time Offerings:

  • Costa Coffee embraces the changing seasons with a range of limited-time offerings, each capturing the essence of the time of year. These include:
    1. Summer Iced Coffee: A refreshing treat during the scorching summer months, with iced variations of classic coffee drinks.
    2. Festive Flavors: During the holiday season, Costa Coffee introduces festive-inspired coffees, often featuring rich spices and comforting ingredients.

Costa Coffee’s commitment to excellence extends to every cup they serve, ensuring that whether you prefer a simple black coffee or an intricately crafted specialty beverage, your coffee experience is nothing short of exceptional. With their ever-evolving menu and dedication to quality, Costa Coffee welcomes coffee lovers to explore a world of flavor, one cup at a time.

Food Selection at Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has evolved into a destination where coffee meets a delectable array of food offerings, making it the perfect spot for a quick snack or a hearty meal. Let’s explore the diverse food selection that complements the rich coffee experience at Costa Coffee:

 Breakfast Options:

  • Mornings at Costa Coffee are filled with delightful breakfast choices that help kickstart your day with a smile. The breakfast menu often includes:
    1. Breakfast Baps: Filled with a variety of ingredients like bacon, sausage, or eggs, these baps provide a hearty morning bite.
    2. Croissants: Flaky, buttery croissants often come filled with ham and cheese or served plain for a simple, yet satisfying, breakfast.
    3. Porridge: A warm, wholesome bowl of porridge topped with your choice of delightful accompaniments, like honey or fresh berries.
    4. Breakfast Muffins: A delicious assortment of muffins, often featuring flavors like blueberry or chocolate chip.

 Sandwiches and Paninis:

  • Costa Coffee’s selection of sandwiches and paninis caters to those looking for a quick and savory lunch or snack. Options often include:
    1. Chicken and Bacon Panini: A hot and satisfying panini filled with tender chicken, crispy bacon, and flavorful sauces.
    2. Mozzarella and Tomato Panini: A delightful vegetarian option featuring the classic pairing of mozzarella, tomato, and basil.
    3. Ham and Cheese Sandwich: A classic sandwich featuring quality ham and cheese in freshly baked bread.

 Pastries and Baked Goods:

  • Costa Coffee’s pastry and baked goods section is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth or a craving for something indulgent. You can enjoy:
    1. Cakes and Slices: From rich chocolate cakes to fruity tarts, Costa Coffee’s cake offerings promise to satisfy dessert cravings.
    2. Cookies: A delightful selection of cookies, often available in various flavors, perfect for pairing with your coffee.
    3. Brownies: Decadent and chocolatey, Costa Coffee’s brownies offer a sweet escape.
    4. Scones: Classic scones served with clotted cream and jam, making for a delightful afternoon treat.

Salads and Light Bites:

  • For those seeking lighter fare, Costa Coffee offers a variety of salads and lighter bites that are both nutritious and satisfying. Some options may include:
    1. Chicken Caesar Salad: A fresh and flavorful salad with chicken, lettuce, croutons, and Caesar dressing.
    2. Greek Salad: A refreshing Greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese.
    3. Fruit Salad: A healthy and sweet option, perfect for a quick snack or dessert.

Costa Coffee’s food selection goes beyond the ordinary, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast, a savory sandwich, a sweet treat, or a healthy salad, Costa Coffee provides a culinary journey that complements their exceptional coffee offerings, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

Costa Coffee’s Signature Menu Items

Costa Coffee’s commitment to crafting exceptional coffee and delectable food extends to their array of signature menu items, each of which has earned its place as an iconic offering. Here’s a closer look at some of these beloved selections that beckon customers to indulge in a memorable experience:

Highlighting Costa Coffee’s Iconic Offerings:

  • Costa Coffee has built a reputation for excellence, and their signature menu items are at the forefront of this acclaim. These classics include:
    1. Flat White: A simple yet sublime creation, blending smooth, creamy microfoam with a shot of aromatic espresso.
    2. Black Filter Coffee: A testament to the purity of coffee, where the essence of the beans shines through without any embellishments.
    3. Costa Coffee Caramel Latte: A decadent twist on the classic latte, featuring rich caramel syrup for a touch of sweetness.
    4. Costa Coffee Frostino: A frozen masterpiece combining coffee, milk, and ice, resulting in a delightful frappe-like experience.

 Customer Favorites and Must-Try Selections:

  • Costa Coffee’s menu continually evolves, and some customer favorites have made a lasting impression. Among these must-try selections are:
    1. Costa Coffee Tiffin: A delightful confection that blends chocolate, biscuit, and caramel into a bite-sized treat, perfect for pairing with your coffee.
    2. Costa Coffee Macchiato: A classic favorite, showcasing the harmony of espresso and a dollop of frothy milk.
    3. Costa Coffee Pecan Brownie: A rich, nutty indulgence that marries pecans and chocolate for a delightful dessert.
    4. Costa Coffee Lemon Drizzle Loaf: A zesty and moist lemon loaf, providing a sweet and tangy flavor sensation.

Costa Coffee’s signature menu items are a testament to their passion for quality and innovation. Whether it’s a classic favorite or a newly introduced creation, each selection is designed to elevate the coffee experience and captivate the taste buds of customers. These signature items stand as a reflection of Costa Coffee’s dedication to crafting moments of joy and indulgence for all who walk through their doors.


What is the best seller on Costa Coffee?

At Costa Coffee, the reigning champion of the menu is the classic Latte, a beverage that has captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts around the world. This velvety delight is crafted from a harmonious blend of espresso and perfectly steamed milk, resulting in a smooth and creamy texture that dances with a rich coffee flavor. But the Latte is just the tip of the iceberg on Costa Coffee’s expansive menu.

Other Popular Items at Costa Coffee:

  • Cappuccino: An espresso masterpiece, this coffee drink marries espresso, steamed milk, and the frothy allure of foamed milk.
  • Flat White: A true classic, the Flat White showcases the essence of coffee, uniting espresso and luscious microfoam for a pure and satisfying experience.
  • Americano: A simple yet bold choice, the Americano consists of espresso and hot water, providing a caffeine kick with a distinct character.
  • Mocha: A delightful fusion of espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk, the Mocha offers a sweet and savory journey through the world of coffee.
  • Iced Coffee: Perfect for a refreshing pick-me-up, the Iced Coffee blends espresso with ice and milk for a cool and invigorating experience.
  • Tea: Costa Coffee extends its beverage selection to a wide range of teas, including black tea, green tea, and herbal varieties.
  • Food: In addition to coffee, Costa Coffee presents an enticing array of food items, ranging from scrumptious sandwiches to delectable pastries and cakes.

Costa Coffee doesn’t stop there; it keeps the excitement brewing all year long with a rotating roster of seasonal drinks and food items. As summer’s warmth envelops us, Costa Coffee unveils an assortment of chilled delights like iced lattes and iced cappuccinos. When winter’s chill sets in, the menu comes alive with comforting classics such as hot chocolate and gingerbread lattes.

What makes Costa Coffee an unwavering favorite among coffee lovers is not only its diverse and high-quality coffee drinks and food but also its resolute commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Costa Coffee stands as a brand that delivers not just coffee but an entire experience wrapped in a warm, welcoming, and eco-conscious embrace.

Is Costa Coffee good or bad?

Costa Coffee, a renowned coffeehouse chain, boasts a diverse menu of coffee drinks and culinary delights while standing firmly behind its principles of sustainability and ethical sourcing. Whether Costa Coffee aligns with your preferences is a matter of individual taste. For some, it’s a haven of delight, while others may have different perspectives.

The Pros and Cons of Costa Coffee:


1. High-Quality Coffee: Costa Coffee’s claim to fame lies in its dedication to delivering premium coffee, satisfying even the most discerning palates.

2. Wide Variety of Food and Drinks: The extensive menu offers an array of choices, from coffee concoctions to savory and sweet bites, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

3. Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere: Costa Coffee stores are designed to envelop patrons in a warm and inviting ambiance, providing a space to savor coffee and connect with others.

4. Convenient Locations: With outlets scattered worldwide, Costa Coffee is easy to find, making it a go-to destination for caffeine fixes and social gatherings.

5. Commitment to Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing: Costa Coffee’s unwavering commitment to ethical practices ensures that your cup of coffee has a positive impact on the environment and the lives of those involved in its production.


1. Expensive: Costa Coffee’s commitment to quality is often reflected in its pricing, which may not be suitable for budget-conscious individuals.

2. Coffee Preferences Vary: While many adore Costa Coffee’s brew, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Individual taste in coffee can be highly subjective.

3. Inconsistent Experiences: Some patrons have reported variations in the quality and taste of Costa Coffee’s offerings, which can be a source of concern for those seeking consistency.

4. Crowded Stores: Popular for its inviting ambiance, Costa Coffee stores can sometimes become crowded, leading to potentially less serene experiences.

In conclusion, Costa Coffee is a reputable coffeehouse chain, replete with offerings to satisfy various tastes. Whether it’s the right choice for you hinges on your personal preferences and priorities. If you seek top-tier coffee in accessible locations, Costa Coffee may be your ideal choice. Nevertheless, those with budget constraints or highly specific coffee preferences may explore alternatives in the world of coffeehouse chains. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and Costa Coffee remains an inviting option for those who appreciate quality and sustainability in their coffee experiences.

What is special about Costa Coffee?

Costa Coffee, a renowned coffeehouse chain with a sterling reputation, boasts several elements that set it apart from the crowd:

1. Perfection in Every Cup: Costa Coffee’s hallmark is its unwavering commitment to crafting the finest coffee. The secret lies in their meticulous blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, roasted to a tee, and brewed using state-of-the-art equipment. The result is consistently fresh and delightful coffee.

2. A Feast for Every Palate: Costa Coffee offers an extensive menu, featuring a tantalizing array of delectable options, from sandwiches and pastries to cakes and invigorating smoothies. It’s the ideal spot whether you’re in the mood for a swift snack or a hearty meal.

3. A Warm Welcome Awaits: Every Costa Coffee store is thoughtfully designed to create a welcoming and congenial atmosphere. The staff is known for their dedication to assisting patrons in selecting the perfect drink and food, consistently going the extra mile to ensure a positive experience.

4. Coffee on Every Corner: With a global presence, Costa Coffee ensures that a cup of your favorite brew is never far away. Whether you’re rushing to the next destination or seeking a cozy rendezvous with friends, Costa Coffee is ready to serve.

In addition to these attributes, Costa Coffee is recognized for its steadfast commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. The company’s dedication to ethical bean procurement and environmental conservation underscores its commitment to making a positive impact.

In conclusion, Costa Coffee stands as a beacon among coffee chains, offering premium coffee, a diverse menu, a welcoming atmosphere, convenient locations, and a strong commitment to sustainability. Whether Costa Coffee emerges as your preferred coffee chain is ultimately a matter of personal taste, but it certainly presents itself as an excellent choice for those in pursuit of a top-notch coffee experience.

What is unique about Costa Coffee?

Costa Coffee is more than just a popular coffee chain; it’s a unique experience driven by a few distinctive features:

1. Signature Coffee Blend: At the heart of Costa Coffee’s distinction lies its signature coffee blend. Crafted from a harmonious marriage of Arabica and Robusta beans, meticulously roasted to perfection, it imparts a rich, full-bodied flavor, making each sip a unique and exceptional journey.

2. An Array of Coffee Delights: Costa Coffee elevates coffee enjoyment to an art form. Beyond the classics like lattes and cappuccinos, it boasts an enticing array of specialty drinks, including the renowned Mocha Italia and the velvety Flat White. For those sun-drenched days, the lineup of iced coffee creations offers a refreshing respite.

3. Committed to Sustainability: Sustainability is at the core of Costa Coffee’s ethos. The company is dedicated to sourcing coffee beans from ethical suppliers, contributing to a positive environmental and social impact. Additionally, Costa Coffee champions eco-conscious initiatives by offering a range of reusable cups and mugs, aiding in the reduction of waste.

Other remarkable facets of Costa Coffee include:

  • Culinary Excellence: The food menu at Costa Coffee mirrors the commitment to quality. Fresh ingredients shine in an assortment of delectable offerings, from wholesome sandwiches to wraps, crisp salads, and indulgent pastries. Dietary preferences are well catered to with an array of gluten-free and vegan choices.
  • Loyalty Rewarded: Costa Coffee values its customers’ loyalty. Through a dedicated loyalty program, patrons accumulate points with each purchase, redeemable for complimentary beverages and delicious food items.
  • Gifts and Vouchers: Share the Costa Coffee experience with others through their thoughtful provision of gift cards and vouchers, conveniently redeemable at any Costa Coffee outlet.

In summation, Costa Coffee is a distinctive coffee chain that harmoniously marries uniqueness with excellence. Its commitment to sustainability, diverse coffee offerings, and convenient locations make it a favored choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary experience.

Is there Costa Coffee in UK?

Absolutely, Costa Coffee is a prominent presence in the United Kingdom. It stands as the largest coffeehouse chain in the UK, boasting a network of over 2,400 stores. Whether you reside in major cities, quaint towns, or even smaller villages, you’re likely to encounter a Costa Coffee store nearby. Furthermore, Costa Coffee extends its reach to key transportation hubs like airports and train stations, as well as bustling shopping malls.

Costa Coffee’s immense popularity among coffee connoisseurs in the UK is well-justified. It excels in delivering high-quality coffee and an extensive selection of food and beverages, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere. The convenience of its widespread locations is an added advantage, ensuring that a satisfying coffee experience is never far away. Notably, Costa Coffee’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing further enhances its appeal.

For those seeking a delightful coffee experience in the UK, Costa Coffee is the go-to choice. There’s no doubt that you’ll discover a Costa Coffee store in close proximity to your location, offering a delightful respite for your coffee cravings.